Sep 15, 2017

So you have tried to start an online business and you have ended up falling in the hands of scammers.Thats not fair.So how are we going to chllenge this?

I have started my own website called brilliant ideas.Here you will be in a position to learn how you can start your bonline business ,blog or website and how you are going to drive traffic to them in a matter of hours.I will also show how to avoid scammers and with time i will also train newcommers on the many methods through which you can make an honest online income.


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Hi, so how can I drive traffic to my website.

Sep 17, 5:11AM EDT1

You can do so by sharing links to most viewed articles from your web thorough socialmedia.Another way is by investing in traffic exchange programs

Sep 17, 7:51AM EDT1
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If you clearly understand the idea and the layout on this website (brilliantideas),and you wish to have it as yours kindly write to me via my private email jaymwau1@gmail.com so that i can hand it over.As i answere to one of the questions,time is a critical  issiue to me.That way i am not in a position to give the website the required time.Kindly let me know those intrested to have for just a small token.

than you in advance.

Sep 15, 3:25PM EDT2

How can I protect my website from spammy links? What can I do before my SERP ranking goes down?

Sep 15, 9:33AM EDT1

Mkae sure you are the only one with access to the website editor.Also contact your web host so as to report the matter if and only if your website is not on free plan,otherwise some of these links might be as a result of having a free website.

Sep 15, 1:37PM EDT1

What SEO tools do you use?

Sep 15, 6:43AM EDT1

My web hosters have made it possible to use google, yahoo and a number of otehr search engines.But i havent tried other methods other than that

Sep 15, 1:21PM EDT1
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How do you do a video for YouTube and how do you create a YouTube channel?

Sep 14, 10:55PM EDT1

just do a video on a topic of own intrest.Edit the video using a good video editor software to your satisfaction.Create a youtube channel free of charge.all you need is your email adress.From there click upload a video on te youtube website.You will get further gudanceon the necessary details

Sep 15, 2:05AM EDT1
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What in your view has the best potential in terms of monetizing?

Sep 14, 9:50PM EDT1

anything can give you a given percentage of income depending on how you display it in the market.Just that small idea that you got can make you rich

Sep 15, 2:07AM EDT1
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What gave you the idea?

Sep 14, 5:44PM EDT1

I have no source of income.I like sharing ideas and i thought i wanna share with people how i make it in life.See more here

Sep 15, 2:08AM EDT1
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How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

Sep 14, 1:29PM EDT1

absolutely nothing.All you need is the ideas and you can start with a free plan website ,blog etc.

Sep 14, 1:33PM EDT1
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Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 14, 8:05AM EDT1


the answer is yeas.search for @Headybiijames for twitter.Kindly do also visit my website and leave me your feedback.

visit brilliantideas

Sep 14, 12:50PM EDT1
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Do you have a link to your website that you can share?

Sep 14, 6:44AM EDT1

kindly visit brilliantideas for more information.click here

Sep 14, 12:52PM EDT1
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Do I need any special equipment or can I use my smartphone to make a video?

Sep 14, 4:06AM EDT0

visit the link below and you will be in a position to view more info


Sep 14, 12:54PM EDT1
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How would you carry out keyword research?

Sep 14, 3:59AM EDT0

I have heard little about that.But kindly i wish you share more so that i can enlighen the others.Kindly see this

Sep 14, 1:17PM EDT1
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Should I invest and run a YouTube campaign in your opinion?

Sep 14, 3:50AM EDT0

you may.Many people hare making a living.In order to generate more traffic you need to see the articles on this website. click here

Sep 14, 12:57PM EDT1
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How do I improve SEO in WordPress?

Sep 14, 12:35AM EDT1

i ussually drive traffic to my website in different ways.Learn how you can drive more traffic here.I will soon write an article on that.Kindly subscribe to my mail list.readmore

Sep 14, 1:01PM EDT1
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How can I protect my WordPress site from hackers?

Sep 13, 10:52PM EDT2

i dont know much about that

Sep 14, 1:06PM EDT1
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What is the best topic in terms of getting work and being paid for articles?

Sep 13, 10:45PM EDT0

it all depends on the website you wanna write for.But my advice is that your write on topics you love most.See these websites that you can write for here

Sep 14, 1:08PM EDT0
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How do I get more email subscribers?

Sep 13, 9:14PM EDT0

Subscribe to my mailinlist.You will soon receive an article explaining more about that.see more

Sep 14, 1:10PM EDT0
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Which keyword research tools would you use?

Sep 13, 8:22PM EDT0

For now i can not tell much about that.

Sep 14, 1:11PM EDT0
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Is it like a consultancy service that you are offering?

Sep 13, 7:05PM EDT0

yap.Let me know if you need any assistance or if you got any ideas on how i can improve on my services.kindly see this

Sep 14, 1:12PM EDT0
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How much will you charge for your advice?

Sep 13, 6:56PM EDT0

I do not charge for advice.I only charge for any training that a client requires.see this

Sep 14, 1:13PM EDT0
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