Ask me anything about making money online, affiliates and partnerships. AMA!

Roksana Obuchowska - Waślicka
Feb 11, 2018

Hello! I am Program Manager with years of experience in a field of communication, digital communication, public relations and business relationships. Currently I am more into affiliate / affiliate platforms and partnerships - both as an advertiser and publisher. I am here to share my knowledge with you! Ask me anything you would like to know in this field. AMA!

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Do you believe that product guides and reviews are still considered the best when it comes to affiliate content?

Feb 18, 12:04AM EST1

Aside from Amazon, what are other great websites that have huge potential for affiliate marketers?

Feb 17, 10:09PM EST1

Do you think an online business partnership will work if business partners and employees are all based in different countries?

Feb 16, 3:33PM EST1

Please throw some light on legal formalities before starting an online partnership business that deals in e-commerce?

Feb 16, 2:09AM EST0

Hello! To tell more about the legal side of anything I would need to know the business model, country of origin and a lot of different information. Also I am a lawer but educated in Poland so this country and european ones are those I could say something about :)

Feb 16, 10:39AM EST0

Do you have experience in working with affiliates for casino (poker) industry? What are the main things a marketing manager should pay attention to to set up a successful affiliates network?

Feb 15, 7:36AM EST0

How much do you think the top Amazon affiliates earn per month?

Feb 14, 8:54AM EST0

Can a person really make significant money using affiliate marketing?

Feb 14, 5:53AM EST0

Hello! In my opinion - yes. The best affiliates don't need to work anymore just making money on their online deals. I know affiliates who earn thousands of dollars per month, some says they earn even more. But I think that it is good to take all of the revelations like those with a cold head and just check it by yourself, because the majority of people treats affiliate marketing as a seconadry or part-time job, even a hobby. Also, you need to have in mind that it takes time to be good in something (affiliate mrkt as well), but it is nothing you couldn't learn by yourself :)

Feb 16, 10:49AM EST0

What are few best ways to identify high traffic, potential affiliates that are receptive to affiliate marketing programs?

Feb 11, 9:42PM EST0

Hello Patricia! It is a very complex problem, because it depends on industry, product and target group you want to reach out at the end. You can always start with an affiliate network and try to promote your offer there. This kind of marketplaces mostly takes care about the traffic and numer of affiliates who are able to promote your offer. If not, I would start with social media, blogs and media. Then I would go to industry forums or forums where experienced affiliates are exchanging their experiences with aspiring ones. And then I would go deeply, and deeply... I hope that I've answered your question (even somehow :)).

Feb 14, 4:23AM EST0

Could you recommend some best affiliate software? Idev Affiliate or Post Affiliate Pro?

Feb 11, 6:09PM EST0

Hello! When it comes to affiliate softwares Post Affliate Pro is a good one :) Personally I like also Tapffiliate. 

Feb 13, 9:57AM EST0

What drove to this field of communication specifically digital communication? Do you feel the growth opportunity in this field would keep on growing till next 10 years?

Feb 11, 4:55PM EST0

Hello! Digital communication is an answer for global digitalization we are a part of. In my opinion it will be even more popular, but not necesarily in this "shape" we see it now. I think that in the future it will be more difficult to attract new customers, there will be more new "platforms" we will be using to communicate with them (i.e. new devices, new languages). New generation we will be facing. Some time ago the youngest and more "profitable" group were Millenials, today we are talking about the rising needs of Generation Z. I am pretty sure that new digital marketing positions are going to be created. Marketing needs to follow up the digitalization and new generations of customers. So yes, it should be growing for sure in next 10 years. But it may happen that we are not going to call it "digital" anymore. Maybe a new, fancy word will be invented to describe it. I hope that I answered your question somehow :)

Feb 13, 9:47AM EST0

As an affiliate marketer, do you think social media can be used to promote affiliate offers? If so, how?

Feb 11, 3:52PM EST0

Hello! I think that social media are very good to promote affiliate offers! It is even good to start with those :) your friends know you and trust you, you can easily propose something to them and gather valuable feedback. Also social media requires you to have a personal account, very often with photo, location information and others - it is easier to sell sth to the people when they see you as a real person and they can check on you. But you need to remember about your personal brand and be carefull on what you are advertising and in which way - you don't want your friends to "like you" less or to consider you as an spammer. 

Feb 12, 6:51AM EST0

Could you tell what is Aliasing in digital communication?

Feb 11, 12:39PM EST0

Hello Edith, Aliasing is the effect which causes different signals to become in-distinguishable from each other.  It is used in audio, images (causes a rippling effect) and videos. Take a look at the Techopedia definition. 

Feb 12, 7:01AM EST0

What's your personal experience with online affiliate marketing? What do you like the most about it and why?

Feb 11, 9:44AM EST0

Hello Caitlyn! Currently I'm working as a Program Manager and I run one affiliate program by myself (you are welcomed to join ;)). What I like the most is creativity which this position requires - the tons of possibilities to reach out affiliates and the relationships I build with them. I am always happy when I can solve one's problem or I just receive an e-mail full of questions and doubts and I am able to answer and solve them all :) In affiliate marketing manager's goal is the same as marketer's. That is why we can fully cooperate together to achieve it. Mostly it is selling vs. buying and here we both want to sell - and both are getting paid for this action. Doesn't it awesome? If you would like to know more drop me an e-mail: roksana@securionpay.com. 

Last edited @ Feb 12, 8:12AM EST.
Feb 12, 8:01AM EST0

What are the major difference between public relations and propaganda?

Feb 11, 6:48AM EST0

Hello Anabelle, I must say that your question is a tough one and made me think a lot. I think that the one and most important difference between PR and propaganda should be an ethical behaviour. PR Specialists shouldn't bend the reality & messing things up. 

Feb 12, 6:06AM EST0

What are some of the best way to attract high-quality affiliates to an affiliate program?

Feb 11, 12:07AM EST0

Hello Adrienne! There is no one simple answer for your question, but from my point of view the most important thing is a program quality. Successful affiliate programs have one thing in common . . . they realise the value of the affiliate and put them first. It is not only about the money and competitive commision rates, but also about on-going contact and support for the affiliates and resources prepared. Affiliates need to feel not only that the product their are promoting is high-quality and awesome, they need to feel bound with a company, they are not working for us, they are working with us - whatever we think about it. They need to feel as a part of a team, be well treated and appreciated. From my point of view all those are the best ways to attract high-quality affiliates to our program. 

Feb 12, 7:15AM EST0

Are there any affiliate network forum where one can learn/connect with the similar people?

Feb 10, 6:03PM EST0

Hello! I don't know other affiliate networks exept those which allow you to promote & sell particular products. Try to contact some affiliate marketing masters on Quora - there are a lot of people which can answer your questions. If you want to learn more take a look at some blogs i.e. affilorama.

Feb 12, 5:43AM EST0

What are some basic and the most important general Affiliate Marketing Rules on the affiliate side?

Feb 10, 1:47PM EST0

Hello Alfred! There are for sure some tips or rules which can help you to choose a right affiliate program and to succed as an affiliate. First of all - choose a right product - take a look at the first question from P. Petrova I've asked. You need to know the product/industry or target group you need to reach, without this knowledge you won't succed. After picking up an industry look for an affiliate program - take 10 and compare those - what are the commission rates? When you are going to get paid? are there additional things you need to take into consideration? Is this program available in your country? If you don't want to do this kind of research log into some affiliate networks and look for the offers to promote, but before starting your promotion visit a website and google this particular company or offer.  While promoting - try not to spam people with your offer, try to intrest your audience. Ask questions, write short texts instead of long elaborates. Stay in touch and provide your audience as many information as it needs. Be an expert in the particular offer/industry/company you are promoting.  

Feb 12, 5:59AM EST0

How much can anyone earn thru an affiliate marketing? If I focus especially on Amazon?

Feb 10, 10:23AM EST0

Hello Pierce, there is no rule of how much you can earn as an affiliate. I am not able to give you particular numbers from Amazon, but I know people who are working only this way and this job is enough for them. However, it is treated mostly as a secondary job or a hobby and in my opinion it is a reasonable thinking. Our affiliates (SecurionPay) earns thousands of euro, but we are completely different than Amazon :) 

Feb 12, 4:57AM EST0

What according to you are the basic principles public relations firms use to manage a nationwide public relations nightmare?

Feb 10, 8:36AM EST0

Hello Dave, it is a very complex question because every crisis is different and may require to undertake different actions, but from my perspective there are some principles of every PR intervension. First of all such specialists needs to gather as much information as they can in the crisis matter - without it every further action cannot be successful. It is important to act quickly, but only after gathering the maximum of information. We need to create a communication for the right target group - press releases needs to be written in a simple way - bureaucratic language isn't a good idea (but it also depends on a type of a company you represent). PR Specialist needs to stay in touch with a press or affected parties and follow the situation development & people's reactions - web, tv, radio etc. It is important for point 1 and 2 - to gather information and to react quickly. It is also required to stay in touch with company's owner or people PR spec. is working for. Those are the main one's. I hope that I've answered your question, even briefly :) 

Feb 12, 4:22AM EST0

How can public relations be used to manage a crisis? What do you think the future hold for public relations consultancies?

Feb 10, 7:32AM EST0

Hello! In fact, everytime when you are facing a crisis there is a group of PR specialists working behind the scences. I can give you an example from "my backyard" - when I was working for a hospital we had a situation when one of our patients just... dissapeared. I got a phone call from my boss, she needed me to create a short notice for the press and a communiaction for our employees to calm them down. My role, as a person outside of this team, was to take a look at this problem in "a cold way", to find and use the best possible words to describe this issue and to minimaze the possible negative impacts on our brand. Taking into consideration situations like this I think that it is important to have on board an experienced PR specialist or spokesperson. We are living in 100% online world, it is easy to create rumors and fake news and brands can easily be harmed. And answering the second question - future may require us to change a way we are contacting people; maybe we will need some specific skills which are not needed today. But for sure we will be needed :)

Last edited @ Feb 12, 4:02AM EST.
Feb 12, 4:00AM EST0

Which website do you suggest has the best resources and tutorials on digital communication?

Feb 10, 6:02AM EST0

Hello Katie! In fact there are a lot of online resources which can be usefull, but what I can recommend to you is for sure HubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM provider and they are very good in a field of inboud marketing. You can try to reach their HubSpot Academy (full of tutorials, examples and exams) or just take a look at the blog posts, I am pretty sure that you will like it :) You can take a look also at Marketing Land and Content Marketing Institute. 

Feb 12, 3:49AM EST0

What are the most important things to track and test when promoting affiliate offers?

Feb 10, 4:24AM EST1

Hello! From my point of view the most important thing to track should be ROI. You need to know if efforts you put are enough to succeed or if you are choosing the right audience or communication channel. When posting on social media you can check the number of likes/comments/questions. When posting on one particular website or in one particular way to check if it is working, take a look at your affiliate account (any new leads?). It is ok to do it once per day, but it may happen that the first client from particular website will appear after some time - there is no rule and you need to be patient. On some programs it should be also possible to track your personal links. Of course it is much easier when you have your own website and you can see all metrics. Remember that there are different industries and different products and one can be more difficult to advertise than another. Start with reviewing your social networks - are there people which can be possibly interested in the product? Start with talking to them. Review the industry - where should you advertise and how? And, of course, get to know the product (or company) - it is extremely important to know what you are talking about. I hope that I've answered your question, if not, let me know :) 

Feb 12, 4:49AM EST0

What exactly is affiliate shaving/scrubbing, and what do you think about it?

Feb 10, 2:27AM EST0

Thank you for this question, I will try to answer it as briefly as I can. First of all, always when a specific solution is created (affiliate marketing) in a short period of time a way to obey that's solution needs to be invented (shaving / scrubbing). I think that it how we human beings are being created. Shaving of leads (clients) is a non-ethical behaviour of an affiliate publisher (company), because it allows this particular party to hide some leads from the affiliate and, as the result, to pay him/her less money for all the effort put. In my opinion it is just improper and shouldn't be happening. 

Feb 11, 3:02PM EST0

On the other hand, scrubbing is practice of paying out the lower commision to affiliate due to low conversion rate from the leads he provided. It is not so bad if it is properly communicated upfront, but from my point of view it also shouldn't happening. Being in such situation company should help this affiliate to perform better. To sum up: both shaving and scrubbing are protecting company from spending too much money or generate spendings on things which are not performing well. The main goal of every affiliate campaign is to generate new leads (customers), to sell more particular products and to make bigger awarness of the company. But it is very important to play fair. The affiliate program I am in charge with doesn't allow this kind of actions - affiliates are paid for their leads' performance which they can see on their profiles. There is no way to hide something from them and there is no need for us to hide it. I hope that I've answered your question. 

Last edited @ Feb 11, 3:05PM EST.
Feb 11, 3:03PM EST0

Do you work for any digital marketing company or do you provide independent services?

Feb 9, 7:10PM EST0

Hello! No, I don't work for an agency. I am working in fintech startup on a position of programs menager. Sometimes I conduct some after hours projects independently :)

Feb 11, 2:35PM EST0

How long do you think digital marketing will stay as a trend and why?

Feb 9, 4:47PM EST0

In my opinion it will be even more popular, but not necesarily in the "shape" we see it now. Can you imagine that there are SEO and digital marketers with 15/20 years of experience? For me it is just unbelievable! And when you ask them about the mechanisms or techniques they were using in the past you would be suprised how some of them have changed. On the other hand, marketers' goals are still the same - we need to attract new customers by knowing their needs. I think that in the future it will be more difficult to attract new customers, but there will be also more "platforms" we will be using to communicate with them (i.e. new devices, new languages). I am pretty sure that new positions are going to be created. To sum up: we are living in a digital era and it is not going to change. Marketing needs to follow up the digitalization and new generations of customers. So yes, it should be a trend unless for next few years. I hope that I answered your question somehow :)

Last edited @ Feb 11, 3:05PM EST.
Feb 11, 2:34PM EST0

What's the scope of affiliate marketing in the cryptocurrency market?

Feb 9, 11:35AM EST0

Hello! To be honest I am not experienced in cryptocurrency affiliate market, but I guess that the same as usually - to promote one's stock or new cryptocurency; to find new customers and create a bigger audience.  

Feb 11, 2:16PM EST0

Does a person need a website to get started as an Affiliate?

Feb 9, 10:16AM EST0

No, website is not required, however it mostly depends on the type of industry you are working with and the specific solution / product you want to sell. For example Shopify requires from their affiliates links to their websites or other social channels as well as a description of their accomplishements in a field of Internet Marketing. There are also some programs which give you banners or other marketing materials to be posted on your personal website. A company I am working with doesn't require this kind of things - you receive a link which your refferals need to use and money is transferred to your user account while it happens. And from my point of view it is the best option for an affiliate. The ideal program like this should be available for all the parties intrested - those with their own websites, and individuals. I hope that I've answered your questions :)

Last edited @ Feb 9, 10:48AM EST.
Feb 9, 10:45AM EST0

Could you share a little more about yourself, your work experience and your future goals?

Feb 9, 9:01AM EST0

Hello! Thank you for the question :) I am young communication professional. I hold two master degrees - in Law and in International Business, but almost all my professional career was closely tided up with a field of Public Relations, Communications and Customer facing roles. I've been working in large international companies i.e. Amrest (FMCG) and IBM (IT), and a small, local ones i.e. Ideallist - Esthetic Medicine and Anti-aging clinic. Currently I am working within FinTech start-up and I'am helping my husband to grow his company (HVAC industry). What are my future goals? I want to have children and happily rise them while taking care of my own business. I hope it is going to happen :) 

Last edited @ Feb 9, 10:57AM EST.
Feb 9, 10:56AM EST0
There are tons of offers out there to promote. How can one choose the right ones for their respective audience?
Feb 9, 6:48AM EST0

Hello! Thank you for the question. In my opinion the best way to choose a right program and to make money from it is to start with your personal interests or field you are somehow involved with. As for the first one - if you are into healthy lifestyle - look for the companies from this sector; young mums can do the same with baby products etc. On the other hand you may work in one's industry and you can have bigger knowledge about this particular one or you can have family/frends working in a particular industry - I would start from that. Some says that the amount of money you can earn is the most important but it isn't - for a successful sale you need to know your audience preferences and intrests, if you are going to "sell" crazy motocycle helmets to young mothers, you will fail. I hope that I've answered your question, if not - let me know.

Feb 9, 7:43AM EST0
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