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Subramainan Sathyamurthy
Feb 7, 2018

I am having 37 years experience in banking and finance and worked for financial institutions in India and abroad namely Indonesia and East Africa region. With my rich experience, I can answer your questions on investments, creating portfolios for Higher returns,  International business viz UCPDC, etc, cross broader remittance, NRI accounts, Banking in General, Technology products in Banking, etc.


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Would you consider the India as a profitable country to stablish a company in? How so?

Feb 11, 4:12PM EST0

What is the easiest way to solve a country’s international debt?

Feb 10, 9:33PM EST0

Are worldwide economics being compromised by today’s politics?

Feb 10, 6:41AM EST1

What are India’s major economic problems? Are they affecting society as well?

Feb 9, 1:56PM EST0

Have you ever worked in other field besides this one?

Feb 9, 12:43PM EST0

How did you start in this business?

Feb 9, 12:39PM EST0

Has this career helped you and your family personally? If so, how has it changed things for you?

Feb 9, 7:34AM EST0

What was the most challenging part of your 37-year experience in banking and international business?

Feb 9, 5:54AM EST0

What was your biggest personal achievement in the financial field?

Feb 9, 3:36AM EST0

Are you planning to grow a potential business within India or other near countries? Have you ever done something like this before?

Feb 8, 8:24PM EST0

Which international business would you highly recommend in order to maintain good relationships with?

Feb 8, 8:53AM EST0

Regarding a bank’s functioning: How does it exactly go into bankruptcy? Is there any international entity that controls this in the international banking field?

Feb 8, 4:43AM EST0

What would you say is the best country to generate investments in?

Feb 7, 9:15PM EST0

Biometric products are currently taking over a major part in the cyber-security business. Do you think this kind of technology is reliable?

Feb 7, 9:04PM EST0

With the uprising growth of cryptocurrencies, do you think future finances will be more secure or less secure? Why do you think that?

Feb 7, 7:47PM EST0

What available investments types are available to new coming international businesses? Do they have restrictions depending on the country?

Feb 7, 7:13PM EST0

What does your family think about your current career? Has it always been like that?

Feb 7, 5:55PM EST0

Taking world’s economic problems in perspective, what would you consider the last key to maintain a stable financial economy within the next years?

Feb 7, 5:01PM EST0

What would you name as the three keys to succeed in an international business?

Feb 7, 3:42PM EST0

Have you ever faced any financial crisis? If so, how did you deal with it?

Feb 7, 9:18AM EST0

Would you consider physical banks as reliable as digital accounts?

Feb 7, 3:13AM EST0

What is a NRI account exactly?

Feb 7, 3:09AM EST0

Has the Indian government created some policies that helped the poverty in this country during the last years? If not, do you consider it necessary?

Feb 6, 2:57PM EST0

Is it better to invest in cryptocurrencies nowadays than other assets?

Feb 6, 2:55PM EST0

What are the most common mistakes of an international business when it comes to foreign investment?

Feb 6, 1:27PM EST0

Has this career helped you in your personal and financial path along the 37 years of experience you have?

Feb 6, 12:25PM EST0

Do you have any hobbies that you would like to share?

Feb 6, 11:18AM EST0

If you were to consider a new market to focus for your business on, would you make its financial stability the foremost priority?

Feb 6, 10:46AM EST0

Do you have any favorite last trendy technology products?

Feb 6, 9:30AM EST0

As a business should I be borrowing money from the same bank where I hold my savings?

Feb 6, 9:10AM EST0

What do you make of the correction that the US markets are undergoing, is there much further way down to go?

Feb 6, 8:02AM EST0

What are the top three calamities that could happen when managing portfolios for higher returns?

Feb 6, 7:14AM EST0

What kind of financial institutions from the India did you work on? What was the most difficult part of it?

Feb 6, 1:27AM EST0

In order to improve my credit score what should I do?

Feb 6, 1:15AM EST0
How do you select a good remittance service provider?
Feb 6, 12:36AM EST0
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