Jul 10, 2018

From Employee to Entrepreneur. How I started and grew a successful Brand and Marketing Business after losing my job. #AMA

Kim Speed: Marketing communications include advertising, promotions, branding and content marketing.  Content marketing involves sharing content through blogs, videos, podcasts or social media. This type of marketing is unique in that it doesn't specifically pr…

From Bank to Books...Ask Me Anything!

Dana L. Brown: Not officially, but my daughter does a great job! She sells books, goes with me to book signings, and is my best Cheerleader! If the book business ever becomes lucrative, she’ll be my first hire!⚓️

How to monitor cloud infrastructure — AMA with Thomas Stocking

Innovation_Advocate: Interesting area. Sorry for the long answer, but it's necessary in this case. First of all, cloud applications can be of various types and levels. Some are mere ports of legacy apps to the cloud, some are optimized, and some are cloud-native. There's…
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