Jun 18, 2018

Dynamic Founder who specializes in major startup businesses with little to no funding. Please ask me anything.

D Kolbaba: I guess the answer to your question depends on what your goals are. I would weigh the benefits and the downsides to both. An in-house marketing team might be pretty expensive with payroll and other expenses but you would have more control over their …

Aussie entrepreneur, family man, invested in climate action. Recently launched a self-funded startup called ecoloads - a transport marketplace, and an associated documentary mini-series called 'Moving Stories'. AMA, Ask Me Anything!

Jordan Panos: Hey Karen, thanks for the question. I personally feel if we are not environmentally focused we are not working with the integrity of a better future in mind.

Quit Wasting Money on Bad SEO & Marketing Tips for Your Small Business - Ask Me Anything

Craig Andrews: What is the outcome you are hoping to achieve by posting on social media? (regardless if you do it or pay someone else to do it)

I am Dr. Bradley Poppie, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a dress apparel line for the modern muscular athlete - I want to bring fitness and fashion together by providing classic apparel for the fit body. - #AMA

Dr. Brad Poppie: I was trying to come up with something that was catchy yet authentic.  My assistant Brandi actually came up with the name.  My middle name is Allen and when "Bradley Allen" rolled off her tongue, I knew that was it!

I am a Marketing Strategist & Creative Project Manager, I help entrepreneurs and startups launch and grow with a strong positioning and unique design. Ask me anything!

Priscila Mesquita: Hi there, and thanks for reaching out. In my opinion, there is not such a thing as marketing priorities in general terms. Each business has their own priorities. Raising brand awareness is an entirely different game than increasing online sales for e…
Jun 17, 2018

AMA- I'm an entrepreneur that has built and launched a Minimum Viable Product while balancing a full-time job.

MichaelS: That's a great question. Building Kibii is a passion project of mine so I was motivated to find the time whenever I could. This means coming home from my full-time job and working on it. It's exciting to do what you love, and for me, it was easy to s…

Crypto Investing for Everyone? Ask me anything.

David Caffee M.ed: Just FYI, a decent Miner can be had for 1000 to 3000 usd. Make sure you buy something that still works. ASICs can be made useless when an algorithm forks. A gpu Miner is slower and more of a power hog, but Never goes obselete.

Do you want to live your life with more health, wealth and contentment? Whether it's body, mind, finances, travel, or career-related, AMA!

Kaylyn Jeffrey: Hey AND_IV! My dream travel destination was Spain for a long time and yes I have been to Barcelona, Spain! It was incredible and an unforgettable solo-travel experience. I do have plenty more dream destinations to go like Lombok and Bali, Greece, Ita…
Jun 16, 2018

AMA for how we travel the world for next to nothing (seriously, this ain't clickbait) & save tens of thousands a year as professional house sitters.

Brittnay: Definitely missing out on our family time. My sister has just had a baby and it is hard missing out on her growing up.

My name is Michael Luchies. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses tell compelling stories through writing, from website content to blog posts. AMA!

Michael Luchies: I do write every day, but there are certainly more productive days than others. One thing I would recommend if you're interested in trying to write each day is to freewrite. Take 5-15 minutes, pick a prompt (a word that inspires you) or just write wh…

I'm a coach for LGBTQ entrepreneurs. I specialize in self care and creating a plan for being out (or not) in your business. Ask me anything.

Veronica Kirin: I actually end up coaching both.  However, I market directly to LGBTQ Entrepreneurs as my niche because I am especially equipped for their needs.  Outside of making a plan for being out (or not), the only other major difference I note is that LGBTQ E…

AMA. Lack of motivation or drive? I will give you personalized advice to help you reach your potentials. Ole Kristian Rannekleiv, author, inventor, entrepreneur.

Ole Kristian: Hello Sarojjain! My highest motivation is the Purpose behind my work. I did spend quite a lot of time reading books before I found a purpose greater than myself to work towards, but once I did, my work turned into a passion.  So Sarojjain, what is th…

Ask Me Anything about being LGBT Diversity Consultant / Trainer / Entrepreneur!

stantotalengagementconsulting: I am laughing Jason, not now, at 63 years old I would not want to go back.  Sure, if I was 20 years younger.  However, many of my clients are very large corporations and I enjoy working with them and being back  that environment.  And I also feels it…

Hi, I'm Shlomo and I Help Freelancers & Solo-preneurs define and execute their Personal exit strategy (PES) on FreeFinanacialSelf.com . Go ahead, Ask Me Anything!

Shlomo Freund Mentor Speaker: Let me start at the end. The net worth of that plot is its market price minus that 30% you need to pay (don't' forget to take into account eh interest you are paying on that loan).  Now, in order to evaluate. It seems to me that if prices have gone u…

World-breaking record: 1,000,000 words in 2 years! Stella Purple, bestselling AUTHOR, international award-winning GRAPHIC DESIGNER and ENTREPRENEUR. AMA about the ups and downs of indie-publishing, how a FULL-TIME author bought her first house!

Stella Purple: Amazon, no doubt.
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