Mar 17, 2018

The First Cross-Chain Lending Platform For The Crypto Economy - AMA With Lendingblock Founders

AMA: Let’s Talk About Writing For Money (I’m A Freelance Marketing Strategist & Copywriter)

MARKETING AMA | How we started an online social media marketing company with little money using free tools on the internet

What do you do when retirement is boring? Ask Me anything and I'll tell you.

Mar 13, 2018

#AMA female fashion tech startup founder wearing many hats with previous lives in consulting for DoD, Venture Captial, and Digital Marketing. I❤helping entrepreneurs.

#AMA : Marine biologist turned entrepreneur, from academia to founder & CEO of a sustainable tourism consultancy!

I'm a recent Harvard MBA that went from engineering school to finance to media. I'm building to battle news media bias! AMA!

AMA-What is an Entrepreneur Blueprint?

I'm a marketer whose worked at Disney + (Acquired by Warner Bros.) who has ran video marketing on everything from Disney's Up to Minecraft. I wrote The Influencer Economy, and mentor business owners tell stories like a badass, collaborate with influencers, to thrive in the new economy. What do you need to know about a story, pitching influencers and collaboration? AMA

I am a self-published supernatural fiction author, with three novels available on Amazon & Audible. All of which have been fortunate to hit #1 in their respective categories. Been in the self-pub trenches since 2013 and wouldn't have it any other way. Learned tons. -Ask Me Anything.

Mar 11, 2018

Author of 4 women-centric bestsellers, speaker at Fortune 500 companies, Brand consultant, Founder, TGILF, India's only Regional Literature festival, Rock, Jazz and Blues enthusiast, a Cofee addict. AMA and let me disrupt your world.

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